Hakodate: The Most Amazing Place In Japan

Don’t tell me that you never heard Hakodate? Because I did know it in my infancy and naïve years while watching the famous kids Manga series Kiteretsu Daihyakka dubbed in Hindi wherein in one of the episodes this kid with a big built named Butagorira, who loves vegetables falls for a girl from Hakodate. Hopefully, he didn’t need band-aids as far as I know as he didn’t scrape himself off while falling for her. Call it Vegetable Power!

Anyway, coming back to Hakodate, we happen to have a place very similar to this name called Hakodate, which before writing this article seemed to me as an error for the same name Hakodate whereas they are instead very different, and Hakodate is a part of Hakodate on the southern part of the island and is the third largest city.

There is plenty to do at this place which tends to be the oldest ports that opened up for international trading and serves as a gateway to the island Honshu and Hokka, the North Island.

Well, a pretty fantastic place to load your Instagram feed with the beautiful snaps from the starry stellar view night, the nature and crazily memorable moments from the lunch and dinner with the lively clowns.

Places to visit

All the major sights that are notable for sightseeing are located around sites very easily commutable by the central Hakodate station. Like always it is recommended to stay around places which have access to the main train line for less expense of traveling and saving a few bucks that might want to expand on bringing your friends and family little souvenirs.


The places that can be visited when traveling to Hakodate are

  • Fort Goryokaku that was designed in a unique star shape which is best visible from the Goryokaku tower standing 90 meters tall
  • Kanemori Red Brick Warehouses
  • Motomachi Park
  • Mt Hakodate Rome station
  • Yunokawa Onsen
  • Onuma Park

The best time to visit?

The best time of the year to visit this place is around spring when the temperature is best, and the area is lively pink with the sweet, dreamy cherry blossoms.