Mainz – Explore This Oldest European City Rich In Heritage

Mainz has its roots that touch back to the 1st century AD. This old city is on the left bank of the Rhine River. This is the place where the first metal type printing press and that too a movable one was created. I was impressed with the art, culture and rich heritage of this old city. I am here to share some of the memorable moments I had on my visit to Mainz.

  • The Gutenberg Museum

Since I love to dig into the history and culture of a city, my first stopover in Mainz was the Gutenberg Museum. This museum is dedicated to the printing world and Gutenberg was the man who invented the metal printing technique. All that you wanted to know about the ancient printing materials, machines, and equipment are part of the museum.

  • St. Martin’s Cathedral

This church is also known as the Mainz church. It is over 1000 years old and is a Roman church. The pillars carry the statues of many of the popular French and German saints. The other main attraction that really floored me was the blue Chagall windows.

  • Mainz State Museum

This museum was built in 1803 and carries a lot of donations of Napoleon that he gifted to the city. The museum has grown since then and now holds many of the artworks and antiques for all over Europe. You will find Stone Age tools, medieval arts and tools and many paintings of the Renaissance and the Baroque times here.

  • The Iron and Wood Towers

These are the two old towers of the city. The oldest is the Iron tower built in 1240. It was a gateway and also a watchtower of the city. The wooden tower gets its name from the woods stored on the banks of River Rhine. This is a recent tower and is a symbol of Gothic architecture.