Regina – This Saskatchewan Capital Is Worth A Visit

We started in the Saskatchewan sports hall of fame in the Victoria Ave. There are no tickets but admission is based on making a donation. Next, we visited the Wascana center spread across 6 acres. The walking trail around the Wascana lake and park area was amazing. Wascana bandstand is lovable because of its breezy open air and lake views and leafy park as its backdrop.

Places to visit

We did biking in the Les Sherman Lake with my cousin Brandon, who does a ton of cycling back in Charlotte where he runs  He had a great time with us and was so excited to be able to make the trip.  The best part of Kiwanis Lake was its quaint waterfall. Other parks to add to your bucket list are Watson Park, Havilland Park, Groome Park, Fairchild Park, Caen Park, and A.E. Wilson Park. Trafalgar fountain located on the Lakeshore is another picturesque attraction. Condie Nature refuge located in the Condie reservoir is lesser known, but very relaxing and quiet. Our kids loved to watch geese, ducks, pelicans, birds, and wildlife there. It is located on the outskirts, but just 10 minutes drive away from the city. It is peaceful if compared to Wascana.

The next day we visited the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, which dates back to 1906. We grabbed a quick lunch at a store on their premises and headed to the Saskatchewan legislative building. Beaux-arts architecture by William Maxwell’s is marveling and free tour is offered by them for 7 days a week. Art lovers should not miss the Mackenzie Art gallery.

We enjoyed a picnic at the willow island. It was a great experience, but let me first warn you about the bugs. The fireworks on the island are a feast for the eyes and pictures from it are no less than professional wallpapers.

Holy Rosary Cathedral at the 13th avenue is very beautifully designed. Norseman Park is recommended for its lush green well maintained. We took a challenging game at the District 3 escape rooms. Although we picked a bit tough one and could not complete the challenge it was a fun experience.

The speaker’s corner with shady Birch trees takes you to the rights of free speech and assembly. The lightning at the native art gallery foundation was an eye-catching view at night.